ABIGAIL pink by Illuminate


389,00 zł

WENDY is a perfectly tailored dress with short sleeves and an elastic band.

It is made of effective guipure with symmetrical patterns.

Impressive guipure epaulettes on the shoulders. The dress has an elastic lining that covers the underwear.

Zipper on the back.

Shipping time is  10 working days.

Designed and manufactured in Poland ❤

We are the sole manufacturer of this dress. Any similar looking product is an imitation which means the quality will be significantly worse. Often the replica will have no lining and/or lower grade fabric that doesn't maintain the proper structure of the dress. Please inform us if ever you come across any copies of our dresses.

Size chart

SizeXS (34)S (36)M (38)L (40)

If you have any doubts, please don't hesitate to ask kontakt@illuminate.pl

Elastan/polyester fabrics

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