ELISA green by Illuminate


399,00 zł

ELISA is an elegant, long dress , made of high quality smooth, non-translucent fabric, lined. The neckline finished with gold tape. On the back, it has a decorative neckline and fastening with gold buttons.

Back closure covers underwear.

The model is sewn in four colors: nudebottle greenburgundy and navy blue.

Designed and manufactured in Poland ❤

We are the sole manufacturer of this dress. Any similar looking product is an imitation which means the quality will be significantly worse. Often the replica will have no lining and/or lower grade fabric that doesn't maintain the proper structure of the dress. Please inform us if ever you come across any copies of our dresses.

Size chart:

SizeXS (34)S (36)M (38)L (40)
Hips Universal

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Elisa zielona
Elisa zielona dluga sukienka
Elisa dluga zielona sukienka
Elisa dluga zielona maxidress bal