MARRIE white lace blouse by Illuminate


129,00 zł

90,30 zł


Blouse available from 24.05.

Elegant, zipped V-neck blouse perfect for many styles.

  Fastened with buttons at the front, making the blouse great for nursing mothers.

Top finished with effective frills.

The blouse will be available in 4 variants: blue stripes, green stripes, green with flowers and white lace.

Shipping time: up to 7 working days

We have designed and sewed the blouse for you in Poland ❤

We are the sole producer and seller of a given blouse model. If you see a similar blouse in another store, it means that it is a counterfeit of our original. Remember, do not buy a copy, because together with a lower price you get a lower quality product. Counterfeit blouses are often sewn with lower-quality, translucent fabrics that do not hold the correct structure.

size chart

SizeXS (34)S (36)M (38)L (40)

RETURNS/EXCHANGES: You have 14 days to return/exchange your product.

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